Amelia & Bennet was born from the desire to create a company crafted from the heart - where the consumer and their opinion, was not only one of the main focuses, but that the products offered were selected with great care and meaning, and out of the passion and love for caring for children.

Our Story

Much of our Founders' lives have been spent teaching children of all ages, in various settings across the United States. Due to these experiences, and others, we have gathered a deep belief and understanding that children need the proper tools to be able to flourish and excel, and when they have such tools, they can become pivotal and intelligent additions to society. We aim to help parents accomplish this by providing products and necessities for their child(ren), to make it that much easier. 

Amelia & Bennet has been in the making for more than a year, as we aimed to perfect every aspect of what we are, what we offer, and who we strive to be. We hope you enjoy!

What Being a Woman Owned Business Means to Us

Amelia & Bennet takes pride in that we are a Woman Owned and Operated Business. Being Woman Owned, isn't just a part of who we are and what drives us to do what we do, but it is also a certain type of activism, in many ways. We greatly take pride in this for many reasons, but also because we understand and know the struggles that many are faced with, including minorities and Women. Furthermore, owning and operating a business means that we have the power and ability to hire those who also know and understand such struggles, and even those who have faced it themselves. We have the opportunity to be able to help shape the business industry and help set the standards for other businesses, as a result, and to show others that women, and minorities, don't need to be considered with having less value any longer, and that just because someone is looked at as a minority in today's standards, or because of their gender, doesn't mean they are any less of a success, driven, or capable. 

Not only do we pride ourselves in being Woman Owned, but we also take pride in supporting minorities, and those who might not fit into such 'categories'. We aim to support all and be inclusive of everyone, no matter where they might fit into, or walk of life they are in.